Monday, 7 December 2009

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I like the idea of grunge and decay. I think in ways, this type of art is much more interesting than the mainsteam bright colours that I have been using previously. I want my work to appear more dark and mysterious!



I like the use of peeling and folding back. This is an image I found and I want to create a painting using much texture and mixed media in order to portay this.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Go to this link to see a slideshow of images!

I have just literally now set up a flickr account, in hope of attracting more people. I hope the link works. These are examples of other artists I like!!

I think some of mine cropped in at the end by mistake! xx

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New ideas?

I found an artist today , Elizabeth Chapman, who I feel will be relevant to my next works! She uses subtle tones, with even hints of figurative works. I like this style. I am not a figurative drawer, however I may try a different direction and draw abstract forms of a figure! I feel I need to expland my art and the way I work.

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My next plans for my paintings is to have more of a direction. I want to now look and use more subtle, dark colours which I think can pull the viewer in, and adds more subtle interest, rather than my recent works which are very in your face. I am looking at Michel Keck again and I like this particular style of painting which I found.

I like how it has dashes of brighter colours, which add a surprise element!